Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Will Hit Europe in 3D

Doctor Who is hitting its 50th anniversary on November 23, and fans of the good doctor must be counting down everywhere. Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi series in TV history, and in Europe the doctor’s anniversary will have one special touch it won’t have in the States.

Yes, if you’re lucky enough to live overseas, the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who will play theatrically in 3D. You may indeed be as sick and tired of 3D as everyone else, but what the heck, who wouldn’t want to check out Doctor Who in 3D? We have the feeling it could indeed be pretty insane to see Doctor Who in three dimensions. 

As Variety tells us, the episode will play in theaters on November 23, the same day the anniversary will simultaneously play world-wide. The episode will be distributed by Picturehouse, the same company that gave us Metallica in IMAX 3D with their concert film, Through the Never. 

We at TGD are dying to see what a phenomenon the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will be once it’s unleashed world-wide in November. Not only is there currently an effort to turn the Empire State Building into a giant Tardis in celebration, but we’re also willing to bet that ratings for this special show will indeed be huge. Whether it’s on TV, at the theaters, or in 3D, it’s good to see the Doctor still going strong.