DC Comics Leaves Its New York Home After Over 70 Years

While Marvel are currently the comic kings, especially at the movies, DC has been making a lot of effort to catch up. At first, we figured Batman was done at the movies with The Dark Knight Rises, but he’s of course coming back in Batman Vs Superman. 

This could be part of a reboot plan, we’re not sure, but DC Comics is now moving to Los Angeles, right in the backyard of Warner Brothers, after residing in New York for over seventy years. It’s fun to imagine comic companies being in a metropolitan area, much like Superman or Batman themselves, but now DC will be on the Warners lot in Burbank.

Variety tells us the move will happen in 2015. DC Entertainment already went over to Burbank in 2010, while the comics division stayed in New York. Now it will all be under one roof at Warners.

As Dan Jurgens, who has written and illustrated Superman for many years has told Newsarama, “I think it’s an exciting change for the future of comics, because obviously it will change the overall landscape. But we have not been a centralized industry for a long, long time. Artists and writers are all over the globe. Look at me. For 30-some years, I’ve been in Minnesota working for a variety of publishers, and it’s worked fine.” 

This is something a lot of fans, myself included, assumed at a younger age, that illustrating comics was like going to a regular office job every day, but artists and writers usually create their work from the comfort of their own homes. This may keep the DC Comics consistent after the move, and as Chris Burnham, an artist for Batman Incorporated also told Newsarama, “From a purely freelance point-of-view, I don’t know that anyone would really notice, other than your deadlines shifting by three hours. Freelancers just gained some time.”

Maybe we can end with Stan Lee’s reaction, which is, “Well now, they won’t have to shout as loud when they want me to do a cameo.”