DVR is Driving Ratings Through the Roof

When we wait to see what shows are top of the ratings heap these days, we usually have to wait an extra day. The reason is many people like to watch shows later, via DVR. 

There’s plenty of shows that gain more ratings thunder a day after they first air. Game of Thrones is one, same with The Walking Dead, and SHIELD. And in today’s technology age, a show getting bigger ratings via DVR is something we’re seeing a lot more often.

As Entertainment Weekly tells us, the James Spader show The Black List has set a DVR record, adding a whopping six million viewers, and DVR data is now officially part of the Nielsen ratings reports. According to EW, Sleepy Hollow also got a “crazy DVR lift,” going up 71% its second episode. 

It’s great that in today’s day and age we can watch whatever we want to watch, whenever we want to watch it, and thankfully it doesn’t hurt a show’s standing in the ratings either. In fact, as we’ve been seeing with a lot of shows, the victory can be even sweeter the next day.