The Power of Movie Popcorn

If there’s anything I really love about going to the movies, it’s the popcorn. No matter what brand I try elsewhere, I have yet to find any that replicates the kind I eat in the theaters. (BTW, for whatever it’s worth, I love it without butter, straight no chaser.) 

Now Cinema Blend and The Guardian tell us that when you eat popcorn, it can actually block the effectiveness of the commercials they show before the movie. This information is based on a study where 96 people were taken tot the movies where half of them were given popcorn to eat, the others were given a sugarcube to dissolve in their mouths. 

The people on the sugarcubes liked the ads they saw, and the popcorn eaters didn’t recall much of what they saw at all. As one researcher told The Guardian, “The mundane activity of eating popcorn made participants immune to the pervasive effects of advertising.” 

So not only is movie popcorn delicious, it also makes us resistant to the endless ads we see before the movie finally gets rolling. No wonder I chomp down on so much of it before the movie even gets started. In addition, a recent report on Tested tells us that popcorn has done a lot to keep the movie business in business because theaters can make up to 85% profit on concessions.