Ellen Page Does Motion Capture in Beyond Two Souls

Ellen Page is the cute as a button star of Juno and Inception, and now she’s starring the game Beyond: Two Souls, along with Willem Dafoe. The game was so cinematic, a sneak preview even screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Because video games have so many scenes and potential outcomes, the script for Beyond: Two Souls was 2,000 pages. Considering a movie script is usually around 120 pages, Page was a bit freaked when she saw the big pile of pages she had to go over. She told the Daily Beast her reaction was, “Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into? [But]I love Jodie’s story and her, not to sound cheesy, journey, and I wanted to explore it.” 

Page told the Beast she was “surrounded by 70 cameras” when making the game, and she did have scenes with several other actors, “but a lot of the time I was all by myself, and [director] David [Cage] would just be reading me lines, or if I’m doing a scene with [game character] Aiden I’m just talking to the air. So there was definitely a lot of just me in the space, having to pretend a lot of different crazy things.” 

Oddly enough, earlier this year Page told Reddit and the Huffington Post that her “likeness” was ripped off for the game The Last of Us, which she felt was “not appreciated,” because she was already working on Beyond: Two Souls.  The studio that produced The Last of Us, Naughty Dog, told the Post it was a coincidence that the main character looked like Page, but they later changed the character to look more like the actress that did the motion capture work, Ashley Johnson.