Non-Stop: a geri-action hero pic with spry 60+ year old butt-kicker

Look, I like Liam Neeson as much as the next guy so, I will see this just because it is him. But, that doesn’t stop me from thinking that geezer action heroes are going to end up setting a very bad example for our seniors.

So, any seniors watching this at home: please don’t try any of this stuff. Ever! You will hurt yourself because in life you have no CGI, stunt doubles, and quick cuts in the edit room.

Non-Stop is a new Liam Neeson action pic which sees him kicking butt on a plane. He plays US Air Marshall Bill Marks who finds himself on a flight from New York to London facing a text message happy adversary who wants to set him up for the fall.

It’s actully pretty good and makes you want to see the movie. And, we all remember how good Liam was in Taken, which started his action hero phase. So, sit back, put on a set of Depends, get some apple sauce, and enjoy the trailer for Non-Stop: