Transforming your residence into a smart house

Tired of living in an analog house? Wish your home would remind you to turn down the heat or know to only do laundry at night when power its cheaper? There’s a new device on the market that just might make your wish come true.

Neurio is a brand-new home intelligence system that launched today on Kickstarter. It’s being billed as home intelligence technology that makes your ordinary appliances smart and your home more efficient–without the need for an expensive retrofit or sensors on every device.

Image via Neurio

So how does this magical house-brain work? Well, it all starts with the Wi-Fi power monitor and cloud-based platform that measures the home’s total power use and shows which appliance is using power.

In this way, Neurio monitors how much power homes and individual devices are using, learns how users interact with their homes, and enables the home to communicate with its owner, enhancing the real-time visibility and manageability of the appliances within it. All without buying a lot of smart power outlets or awkward sensors.

“What makes Neurio exciting is that it offers something for everyone,” says Dr. Ali Kashani, VP Software for Energy Aware, “whether you’re simply looking to learn more about the state of your appliances and their cost to run, or you want to use Neurio to fuel your own home automation projects, Neurio gives you full access to your home’s power data.”

Neurio has an open platform with a public API, so it can power new apps and integrate with third party systems like SmartThings, IFTTT, or Raspberry Pi. You can set up triggers to send a message when the wash is done, detect when the garage door opens, or turn on the music when you start the hot tub.

Sounds amazing, right?! And get this: Beta users have saved up to 44 percent off their energy bills by just by using Neurio to identify what they should turn off or unplug.

Learn more by watching the video below, then head over to to snag one.

* Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling