Voltron and He Man Are Coming Back

We just reported about Jeffrey Katzenberg’s attempt to keep Breaking Bad going as a pay-per-view event, and now comes the news he’s trying to revive Voltron, He-Man, and Rocky and Bullwinkle. As we’ve seen with the recent 3D revival, which Katzenberg spearheaded, once he latches onto an idea, it’s tough to get it out of his teeth. 

It’s no surprise there’s plans to resurrect Voltron. Ever since the ginormous success of the Transformers movies, Hollywood’s been hot for giant robots. Even though Pacific Rim didn’t do that great at the American box office, it’s doing well world-wide, and there’s a lot of Voltron fans out there that would love to see it come back.

Voltron, He Man and Bullwinkle were owned by the Classic Media, which just got purchased by DreamWorks, which is why there’s plans to reboot all three. As Katzenberg told The Wrap, “The real opportunity is to take every one of those franchises and reinvent them. And what’s what we will set out to do.” 

Katzenberg also thinks that shorter content on the net will be the way of the future, and one Hollywood denizen told me years ago that when the next revolution in entertainment happens, it will be something short we’ll see on the net, not a feature length movie. As Katzenberg continued, “I think there is a whole new platform for entertainment that is this short-form.”