Jurassic World Moving Forward With Bryce Dallas Howard in the Lead

For a moment there, it looked like the fourth Jurassic Park movie was falling apart this last May. It’s not a good sign when a movie shuts down right before it’s supposed to shoot, and we at TGD were wondering if a fourth Jurassic Park may never happen. 

But now the fourth movie, Jurassic World, is a go, Universal has a release date set for June 12, 2015, and Bryce Dallas Howard is officially the first actor on board. Variety tells us that there’s another major character that needs to be cast before the movie moves into the pre-production phase. (We’re thinking this obviously means a male lead for the film.) 

The Huffington Post reports there are rumors that Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum could be back for more dino-fun as well, and it would be great to see Goldblum back in the game as well. 

As the Wrap reminds us, the Jurassic Park series has brought in $1.9 billion in world-wide box office, and the 3D conversion of the original movie made $114 million world-wide. So would more Jurassic Park in 3D be cool? We think so, and we’d like to see what a new director and new screenwriters can bring to the table for a whole new installment.