Can Bill and Ted 3 Be Saved?

As big fans of Bill and Ted, we got so excited to see a third installment was in the works, and Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves were both on board. Then, like a lot of things in Hollywood, it appears all plans have plunged into development hell. 

Reeves recently told Vulture that the film has recently gone into “a dark period.” As Winter told IGN and Giant Freakin Robot, “It’s the wonderful world of film development. We could be making it really soon, or we could be waiting a couple of years. Because it’s not in your hands. We’re at the point now where we’re waiting on another draft and we’re number-crunching…It could not happen at all, honestly you just don’t know. But there’s a lot of people who want to make it happen.” 

It’s also bizarre to think that right now Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are shooting the sequel to Dumb and Dumber, and we never thought Jim Carrey would get that stupid haircut again in a million years. “That was on and off and on and off again,” Winter says. 

We really hope that we’ll see one more Bill and Ted in our lifetimes, and we’re surprised that the star power of Keanu Reeves can’t keep things afloat. We also hope the studios will remember it won’t cost a lot of money to make a Bill and Ted movie, and it’s very do-able. So to the powers that be in Hollywood that keep holding our boys back, do it for the dudes, man…