The Breaking Bad Dead Pool

Back in the eighties, people started hearing about the Dead Pool. It even became the focus, and the title, of the last Dirty Harry movie. People still participate on it to this day, and essentially it’s which celebrity is going to drop dead next, and how much money can you make if you predict right.

On a show like Breaking Bad, it was probably pretty hard to select who will be next to go, and The Sopranos, I often guessed wrong. But as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, there’s several parody dead pools up on Facebook in honor of Breaking Bad. Who’s next to kick the bucket? 

By the time you read this, Breaking Bad will already have its final show, and unlike the end of Dexter, the Dexter finale got high marks from critics. We’re not going to spoil anything, but one fan predicted this possible scenario before the last episode: “I think Jessie lives except he’s lost the will to live…Walt and Jessie kill Nazis, Jessie kilsl Todd during a cook, Walt kills Lydia, Walt take the ricin and makes a confessional video.” Sounds Shakespearian, like everyone killing each other at the end of Hamlet.

Another fan wrote, “Everyone dies; Walt lives and creates a whole new life of lies that includes a new family. And so begins Malcolm in the Middie.” And other plots are too detailed to reveal here, but they’re very funny for sure. 

This may seem a bit morbid to some of you, which is completely understandable, but I’m glad people are having fun predicting which fictional character will drop dead, instead of real human beings. (And did you ever notice how the tabloids always have some star’s “brave last days,” then they don’t drop dead for years?)