Video: Dark Sorcerer haunts Sony’s PS4

David Cage, the director of Quantic Dream, says that everything “looks great” on the PS4, simply because the next-gen console offers power that was totally inaccessible up until now.

“We feel that we are closing in little by little on the kind of graphic quality we find in CG films,” Cage explained in an intro post to Dark Sorcerer tech demo.

“There are about a million polygons in the set, and a little less than a million per character on the screen (i.e. a total of 4 million when the three characters are on the screen). Each character has about 350 MB of textures and about forty different shaders.”

According to Cage, it’s all managed with physically based shaders, volumetric lights, full HDR, color grading, physical lenses (particularly useful for chromatic aberrations and 3D depth of field), and translucence for more realistic rendering of the skin.

“The change of set and all the lighting (and the behavior of the shaders) between the dramatic version of the set and the ‘studio’ version is done in real time. The same holds true for all pyrotechnical particle effects,” he added.

Like what you see? We sure do, and can’t wait for the PS4 to hit the streets later this year!