Nvidia says PS4, Xbox One good for PC gaming

Nvidia exec Toni Temasi says he is “glad” the next-generation of consoles are here, “if for no other reason to raise the bar.”

According to Temasi [via The Verge], Nvidia’s $1,000 graphics card – dubbed the Titan – boasts approximately two and a half times the performance of the PlayStation 4.

“It’s nothing but goodness for the PC. The PC will keep growing, but the consoles will give us that next bump,” he said.

“Developers can now build really awesome content that can then scale to the PC. To us, the consoles are great because they catch up from a features perspective.”

As Sean Hollister of The Verge notes, Temasi might very well have a point, as the fact that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have narrowed the gap between PC and console means the least common denominator isn’t quite so low anymore.

“If you’re building a game and trying to maximize your profits, you need to build a game that can scale to a variety of machines,” Hollister wrote.

“Now, instead of shying away from building features and levels of detail so resource-intensive they could only be experienced on PC, developers can theoretically build games with those features because the new Xbox and PlayStation will be able to run them in some capacity as well. The console war has changed, and graphics aren’t the main battleground anymore.”