Video: LEGO bricks with a Raspberry Pi brain

BrickPi – which recently surfaced on Kickstarter – is a platform that converts a standard Raspberry Pi into a robot.

Essentially, BrickPi comprises a board and case that connects LEGO Mindstorms sensors, motors and parts – turning the credit card sized computer into a fully functioning ‘bot.

The BrickPi allows users to connect up to three NXT motors and four sensors, while a 9V battery powers the motors, sensors and the Pi itself.

“The BrickPi – [which] slides onto the Raspberry Pi – has a 9V power adapter that powers the motors and sensors, as well as the Raspberry Pi, freeing the Raspberry Pi from the wall socket,” BrickPi explained in a Kickstarter post.

“There are two LED’s on the BrickPi for troubleshooting and to add style to your robot. There are three motor ports that also read encoder values, as well as four sensor ports that can read many of the MINDSTORMS sensors. Then you program your robot in Python to control the motors and sensors. With the assembled version, you can slip the board onto your Raspberry Pi, plug in your motors and sensors, and get started with no soldering or splicing.”

Additional information about the BrickPi can be found here on Kickstarter.