Second World War Z trailer goes live

It’s difficult to think of a movie garnering worse press than World War Z, and it’s still a long ways away from being out in theaters, with a current release date of June 21, 2013.

As we’ve reported previously on TG, the film has been plagued with major reshoots, shifting release dates, and new writers being brought in at the eleventh hour trying to save the script, with the budget climbing up to a reported $170 million.

The press has repeatedly categorized the World War Z shoot as a nightmare, but what does that matter if the movie turns out great? Well, nothing, because nobody’s going to care how difficult the shoot was, if it delivers on the big screen.

While many had predicted that the whole zombie thing would be played out by now, the undead are still going strong, especially with the ratings powerhouse of The Walking Dead. Not to mention the novel World War Z is still on the best-seller lists after all this time.

So sit back and enjoy the second WWZ trailer, which appears to be more concerned with the evolution of the undead pandemic, rather than the individuals affected by it.

And for those who missed it the first time around, or just want a quick refresh, the original trailer can be seen below.