Windows Blue images leaks online

Windows 8 has only been on the market officially for about six months after launching to much fanfare in late October.

Unsurprisingly, there is already talk about the next generation of the OS known as Windows Blue, with images from an alleged pre-release version recently leaked on the Internet via WinForum.

The leaked images depict an operating system that looks a lot like Windows 8, albeit with a number of minor changes, include an integrated Internet Explorer 11.

The operating system also shows an option for smaller live tiles on the Start Screen, while user can “snap” Windows 8 apps and view them side-by-side. That snapping option allows each of the apps to take up 50% of the available screen space. In addition, the Windows Blue screen shot shows a new clock and a calculator app.

There are also apparently a fresh suite of apps for the alarm, sound recorder and movie moments, with Microsoft reportedly tweaking the settings screen, which resembles the setting screen from Windows 8. These options are believed to be an effort by Remond to curtail access to the Control Panel (desktop) for tablet users.

The operating system also shows a number of options for SkyDrive that are apparently intended to facilitate improved integration with auto camera uploads and control over backups from the device. Additional screenshots depict  alterations to Microsoft’s Charms, such as a new “play” option resembling some of the options currently available on Windows. Lastly, the screenshots appear to indicate a Sync feature, implying that one could be available on other Windows Blue devices when it the next iteration of Redmond’s flagship OS launches later this year.