This Raspberry Pi is a synthesizer

The Raspberry Pi is quickly finding its way into all sorts of devices, including fully-functioning media centers, model sailboats plying the stormy Atlantic and even a  remote-controlled truck equipped with a night vision video camera.

And now the versatile Raspberry Pi has tipped up as the brains behind a slick little music synthesizer, or a single-oscillator synthesizer to be more precise.

The  modder says he left OSC B on zero throughout the demonstration. OSC A  was set to “sin” wave  – with  most of the richness and the music produced coming from manipulating the phase of the oscillator during each cycle the waveform.

Technical aspects aside, it sure does sound similar to the Casio keyboard I had growing up. Nevertheless, the dev warns that you shouldn’t expect this feature for the Raspberry Pi synthesizer to be available any time soon for download.

For now you’ll just have to make do watching the video and dreaming about turning your own Raspberry Pi into a synthesizer. For the uninitiated, the Raspberry Pi is a $35 developer board boasting a Broadcom SoC with a 700 MHz ARM 1176JZF-S processor, 256 MB of RAM, Ethernet connection, dual USB ports and a SD card slot.