New ZombiU trailer goes live

A new trailer has been revealed for the gritty undead adventure heading out for Nintendo’s new console.The new trailer shows a very harrowing experience inside an infested Buckingham Palace, chock full of royal zombie guards.

ZombiU was first unveiled at the E3 trade show earlier this year. It was the token Nintendo title that’s not designed for kids and families. Initial impressions for the game have bene positive but the real test will be if the final product comes together well and in time for the Wii U console launch window.

It’s believed that the Wii U will be released on or around November 18. ZombiU has been tipped for release around Christmas time.

Forget the new touchscreen controller. Forget the fact that Nintendo will finally offer HD graphics in a video game console. And you can even forget the new online community Miiverse.

All of those things are irrelevant if the Wii U doesn’t manage to bring significant third-party support and blockbuster franchises that have helped deliver success to its rival consoles.

So games like THQ’s ZombiU really need to be a success. Among the other major titles rumored to be hitting the Wii U is Call of Duty: BLack Ops 2.