Halo 4 ending may have leaked

The long-awaited Halo 4 – slated to launch this November – is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated video games of the year. 

Some new content has made its way online –  including what is rumored to be segments of the game script originating from a video documentary.

Obviously, we are taking this with a large grain of salt and I suggest you do the same. Simply put, the so-called  “leak” may have originated at 343 and could be designed to throw fans off track. This is certainly not the first leak we have seen in recent months. And if you’re hoping for a video showing ending game segments, well, you would definitely be out of luck. All we have is some lines of text so you’ll have to fill in images with your imagination. The text reads as follows, and, well, be warned, because it could theoretically contain spoilers.

“In that case, you won’t mind…” Cortana appears behind the Didact.

at all of the Cortanas emerging from the Bridge

“Compassion for mankind is misplaced.” – Didact

“I’m not doing this for mankind.” Chief then charges the Didact.

rushes towards Didact and jumps all over him (legs, arms, chest, back)

Several takes of “Cortana” tackling and climbing on random objects at full speed.

Didact is attacked by Cortana. He attempts to swat at Cortana as a means of self defense.

Didact unclenches his fist and drops Chief.

Cortana begins restraining Didact by constraining his limbs to the Bridge.

-Several takes of “Cortana” climbing on “Didact” actor and then…

a specific body part (head, back, waist, knees, ebows, shoulders)

-Didact struggle idle.

Chief is released

-Chief immobilised pose

-Chief falls, lands on edge

-Chief hanging idle

Aside from the above-mentioned “leak,” the new multiple player mode is perhaps the most interesting news of late for Halo fans. Yes, Halo 4 will be getting an official Grifball mode. As you may recall, the popular mode – where two teams compete to carry a round bomb into the opponent’s base to destroy it – was originally offered by fans for Halo 3 using Forge. Check out the video above to see Grifball mode in action.