EA announces Sims 3: Seasons expansion

Everyone’s favorite life simulation game is getting a new update.

The eighth expansion pack for The Sims 3 will be entitled “Seasons” and it will finally add an element to the game that had previously been missing.

Until now, players could run through years and years of virtual life with their avatar characters, but the weather outside their fake homes pretty much remained te same.

With the latest expansion, though, users will be able to set up recurring seasons that affect their surroundings.

Players will have complete control over the length of every season, so they get to choose if their virtual town will be a tropical Hawaiian-esque paradise or a blistering cold environment where winter dominates the entire year.

“Sims can snuggle up with their crush and get crowned the king or queen of the spring dance, visit the face-painting booth at the summer festival, bob for apples beside a pumpkin patch at the fall festival or head to the snowball fight arena for an epic wintertime battle,” EA wrote in a statement.

This expansion pack announcement comes before the seventh expansion, The Sims 3: Supernatural, hits stores. So EA is really churning these updates out.

In fact, once the Seasons expansion comes out in November, there will have been three expansion packs launched in a single calendar year. Either gamers are still really into it, or EA is just trying to suck as much as it can from its loyal fans.