Archos teases G10 XS tablet

Archos has been doing a very good job keeping hard specs for its hyped G10 XS tablet out of the limelight.

Although we still don’t know very much, it does seem as if Archos is positioning the enigmatic G10 as a competitor to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer – at least judging by an official Facebook teaser picture. 

The launch of the device is now about three weeks away, and the official image shows a tablet that appears to be attractively designed and thin.

Of course, we also know the tablet is powered by Android 4.0 and will feature a microSD card slot, mini HDMI output and a port for some sort of unspecified keyboard accessory or perhaps even a full-on dock.

As noted above, the official launch of the tablet is pegged for about three weeks from now. Still, I hope  additional details surface before it goes live.

Remember, Archos isn’t exactly known for designing uber-powerful tablets, at least compared to other devices currently on the market. Typically, Archos fields moderately speced machines that sell for significantly less compared to competing products.

So yes, I can see a cheap GX10 XS giving the Asus Transformer a run for its money – especially if it clocks in at a  $200-$250 range.