Wes Craven is back with Coming of Rage

As a horror film director, Wes Craven’s been very lucky in that he’s been able to reinvent himself several times throughout his career.

Craven started out making several adult films with his partner in crime, Sean Cunningham, who went on to make Friday the 13th. Then they shot The Last House on the Left together, one of the most heinous films in the genre’s history.


Craven then toned it down a bit with The Hills Have Eyes, and subsequently created Freddy Krueger and gave horror a much needed kick in the ass in 1984 with Nightmare on Elm Street. Then in the ‘90s he reinvented himself yet again with the Scream series.


Like many horror filmmakers, Craven’s not what you’d expect when you meet him. He’s not a sicko maniac, but a very intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate man. Now Craven may be reinventing himself again with an adaptation of the graphic novel Coming of Rage.


Frankly, it’s somewhat surprising that Craven hasn’t adapted a graphic novel yet, because he’s definitely open to try new things, like when he made his dream project, a non-horror film, Music of the Heart, starring Meryl Streep.  

In fact, as ScienceFiction.com informs us, Craven will be writing the graphic novel with Steve Niles, who also gave us 30 Days of Night. The site tells us this will be a five issue series, and it will be hitting shelves via Liquid Comics in 2013.


At least one screenwriter I know adapted his script into a graphic novel in the hopes it would get turned into a movie, and perhaps this is what Craven’s trying to do, and it’s not a bad idea. 

If the comic takes off, they’ll be immediate demand for a movie, and to develop both properties at the same time is also a smart idea as well.

If this graphic novel can bring us back to the days of Tales of the Crypt where there was tons of gore and violence, along with good moral lessons, all the better. 

I’m definitely curious to see what Craven can do in the graphic novel format, so I’m definitely looking forward to Coming of Rage next year.