Is Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man marching forward?

Edgar Wright, the Hollywood veteran who gave us Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, is going to be collaborating on a sci-fi story dubbed “Collider” with JJ Abrams.

Of course, another project that is always associated with Wright is his planned movie adaptation of the Marvel comic character Ant-Man.


Now, it must be said that Ant- Man should not be confused with the cartoon Atom Ant, and as we’ve said before, many of the blockbuster big boys are already tied up for movie deals, so why not a character a little more obscure like Ant-Man? (Note: Deadline also reported Marvel’s short lived Human Fly is in development for a film).


As you may recall, Wright showcased some test footage at Comic-Con 2012 San Diego, and there is already a script written by Wright and Joe Cornish, who directed Attack the Block.

 As such, Ant-Man could actually start production next year. It may also be part of Marvel’s plan to get three, count ’em three, movies out in the theaters for 2014, namely, Captain America: The Winter Solider, and Guardians of the Galaxy. (Actually four, because the next Amazing Spider-Man’s also slated for 2014).

Latino Review also reported there may indeed be plans for Ant-Man to set up in London after the next Thor film wraps. It hasn’t even started shooting yet, so if Ant-Man is a go, it could get rolling next year. 

And Wright’s got another film he’s going to make a priority before any other project – The World’s End – with a hopeful release next spring. Collider also reports that Marvel wants Ant-Man to appear in the next Avengers film, although there is still no word yet on whether Joss Whedon will return to direct or not.


Personally, I’ve always loved cartoons where you have a super strong ant or flea that can cause a lot of damage, and doing a tiny sized superhero is something much different than the usual comic fare that could be a welcome change of pace. 

Just imagine the fun the advertising team will have coming up with poster tag-lines: “Oh wait, size matters not’s already been taken. How about, ‘It’s not the size of the ant in the fight, but the fight in the ant…'”