Paranormal Activity 4 trailer drops the call

Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for its upcoming found footage flick, Paranormal Activity 4.

The “Want It” promotion at the end is part of an interesting experiment – much more interesting than the film itself – in which potential audiences can text the number to a system which tabulates all geographical locations.

The cities with the most votes will get to watch the movie in their theaters a few days before everyone else. Fans can check the status of the contest on the film’s Facebook page, while voting can also be done directly on the Film’s website. The press release says that it will be a “free screening”, but does not clarify how tickets will be obtained.

“There’s a very special connection between Paranormal Activity and Facebook. Four years after the initial success of the franchise and the establishment of a passionate fan community, we’re excited to see continued iteration on a franchise that was born on Facebook,” explained Facebook’s Matt Jacobson.

“Paramount is using both the Facebook platform and media to drive awareness of the film, three months out, and we will continue to drive awareness and intent at scale as we approach opening weekend in October.”

As for the film itself, it’s your typical creep-out flick with lots of awkward moments and startles at every turn. No official synopsis of the film has been released as yet, but we can expect the plot will pick up from the end of the second film – the third film was a prequel – in which the previous protagonist becomes possessed. Perhaps she will be the villain here.

Paranormal Activity 4 possesses theaters on October 19th, 2012.