Barbarella headed to a TV near you

As we recently reported, Barbarella, the late 60’s sci fi classic starring Jane Fonda, is finally seeing a Blu-Ray release. 

Paramount is calling the film “a kind of sexual Alice in Wonderland of the future, replete with psychedelic set designs, far-our characters and an outrageously entertaining story set amongst the stars. Who can perform a zero-gravity striptease, seduce an angel and still have time to save the universe? Sexy, sultry, space adventurer Barbarella, that’s who!”

The Barbarella Blu-ray features include 1080p high def transfer, English Mono Dolby TrueHD sound, and the film’s original trailer.

Frankly, I find it amazing that Barbarella still has a following after all these years, and of course, there have been reboot plans for some time now. First Drew Barrymore wanted to do star with a script by John August (Big Fish, The Corpse Bride), then Robert Rodriguez wanted to bring Barbarella with Rose McGowan in the lead. Now as The Wrap reports, Nicholas Refn, who directed Drive, is interested in bringing back Barbarella on television.

Refn will direct for the show, and Martha De Laurentiis will executive produce. Martha’s father was the legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis, who gave us La Strada, Death Wish, Serpico, the ’76 remake of King Kong, the 80’s remake of Flash Gordon, and the original Barbarella, which was filmed in his native Italy.

The show is slated to be produced through Gaumont International Television, the same company that is shooting the Hannibal series for NBC. Dino De produced Manhunter and Hannibal, so it looks like the family may be going through some old properties to bring back.

While there’s no word on what Refn is doing with another sci-fi classic he was going to reboot with Ryan Gosling in the lead, Logan’s Run, he said, 

”I’m excited for the opportunity to re-invent Barbarella, and I look forward to bringing this unique character to life for a new generation of fans as I believe she is one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters.”