Vampire Hunter is no Twilight

While zombies may soon be reaching their peak in pop culture, vampires are indeed still going strong, and one needs to look no further than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Oh, and yes, although I dread saying the T word, Twilight is also part of the vampire phenomenon. Please, just don’t compare the two!

Before Twilight, vampires were a much different monster, and now this teenage love story’s taken all the Transylvania out of them, which is such a disappointment. Of course when anything becomes successful a ton of people are gonna copy it, and you’re gonna use it as a selling point, but please let Twilight be its own thing.

I say all this because I go to the L.A. Times website, and was appalled to see a report about how Hollywood is trying to push it as a sort of Twilight for the male demographic. Oh, please God no! Enough already with this! Even a love sick 12 year old can tell this is definitely not Twilight’s big brother by a long shot.

You also can’t help but get the impression that Fox may not know how to sell this oddball idea of a movie, and many times in Hollywood a studio will have no clue how to sell a movie unless it can market itself. Often times a horror film is easy to market, but this one’s obviously quite different.

The Times reports that the film is skewing towards male moviegoers 25 and under, and that 65% of the ticket buyers will probably be males. There’s also concern over the R rating, the big studios these days don’t want an R for a potential blockbuster because kids won’t be able to get in, but this story was also a best-selling book, which studios like to adapt because of the tie-in possibilities.

Director Timur Bekmambetov has told the Times Vampire Killer is a superhero movie as far as he’s concerned.

“It’s about the young boy whose mother is killed by supernatural creatures and he’s spent all his life to fight with them. He had a secret life, like Spider-Man, like Superman, any of them. All the rules of the superhero movies are here.”

So let’s end any comparison to Twilight here and now, okay? Thank you.