First Amazing Spider-Man reviews are in

With so many genre movies already making their box office mark (Hunger Games, Avengers), it almost  seems like everyone has forgotten the latest Spider-Man reboot which hits theaters on July 3.

Certainly in comparison to The Avengers, Hunger Games and Dark Knight Rises the buzz on the new Spider-Man seems almost quiet, especially this close to the release date.

At first I was against Spider-Man being rebooted, because now we’re in an era where movies are getting remade after less than ten years, and there was even a rumor going around the first Twilight was going to get a reboot as well. So finally the first initial reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man have come out, and the verdict is… Pretty good so far.

The reviews come primarily from geek friendly harbors like SFX and Total Film. 

Collider compiled these reviews, and a number of them gave it 4 out of 5, only the London Evening Standard gave it 2 out of 5. Collider tells us the performances have gotten high marks, especially Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, but some critics “decried the narrative for being a bit thin and lacking dimension.”

Collider also tells us, “The Amazing Spider-Man is coming across as more of a romantic drama with action elements than an action movie with a love interest thrown in,” and one review said it’s “the superhero film for the Twilight generation.” Time Out London noted that it “feels both intimate and expansive,” and SFX wrote “The Amazing Spider Man more than succeeds.”

SFX added, “It may not have the non-stop action and spectacle of The Avengers, but it does have characters you can fall in love with, and bags of charm.” Like The Avengers, there’s also a scene in the end credits that shows you what’s going to come in the next one, much like the ending of Spider-Man 2, which Sam Raimi wanted to be like the end of a comic book, where the last page leaves you with a cliffhanger with what’s to come the next issue.

The Hollywood Reporter also tells us the tracking on the film is “impressive,” and considering it opens on the Tuesday before the 4th of July, it could earn $125 million in just six days. So again, where I was initially weary of a reboot, and frankly felt Spider-Man should have hung it up after the third movie, maybe a fresh start is just what he needed after all.