From Planet of the Apes to Jurassic Park 4

Although Steven Spielberg won’t be directing the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park franchise, he will be one of the film’s producers along with Kathleen Kennedy.   

The veteran director apparently spent some two years working with screenwriter Mark Protosevich (The Cell, Thor) on a script for Jurassic Park film 4.

However, Deadline is now reporting that Universal has recruited husband-wife writing duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver to pen the screenplay for the latest dinosaur flick. 
Jaffa and Silver are currently two of Hollywood’s hottest writing stars following their success with the recent Rise of the Planet of the Apes reboot.

While Universal has yet to release any official details about the upcoming film, Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston told ScreenRant JP4 will draw from “the history of the first trilogy, but it spins it off in a completely different direction.” 

It should be noted that Universal is rereleasing the original film in 3D on July 19, 2013. As you may recall, the first Jurassic Park was a major groundbreaker for special effects, effectively blowing open the door wide for the CGI revolution.

Last year, Spielberg’s producing partner Kathleen Kennedy told Collider they were approached by Universal to do a 3D conversion, but the question was whether Spielberg could pencil it into his always hectic schedule. 

Kennedy said, “I’m not a huge proponent of post-conversion, but I think if the filmmakers gets intricately involved in the post-conversion – I think it can be really, really good and I think Jurassic Park is a perfect example of a movie that could work really, really well as a 3D picture.”


Kennedy also added, “I also think it’s tricky because unless you framed the movie with [3D] in mind, not all those shots – it’s not necessarily going to translate, and so that’s what you’ve gotta have the DP and you’ve gotta have the director frame-by-frame involved in the process of that conversion.”