Stargate/ID4 creator penning epic sci-fi series

A lot of top Hollywood talent is headed to the world of television these days. 

It’s clearly cheaper to put together a TV show than a movie, and the writer has a lot more freedom, which is why many in tinseltown are more interested in television than the big screen.

Now tells us that Roland Emmerich, who created Stargate and ID4 with Dean Devlin, is putting together what’s being described as an epic sci-fi series for ABC. 

The story is about a character named Carter Henderson, an astrophysics grad who is chosen to fight the powers of darkness.

It’s not clear what these forces are, or where they’re coming from, but the pilot of this show will be penned by Emmerich and Harald Kloser, who co-wrote 2012 for Roland.

Max Thierot, who starred in Jumper will play Carter, and Martin Landau is also onboard, playing a blind man who fought in World War II. Landau of course has sci-fi cred from being on Space 1999, as well as The Outer Limits, and The Twilight Zone. He also did a great job playing Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, and his other notable credits include the Mission: Impossible series, Entourage, and voices for the animated sci-fi flick 9, The Simpsons, and Burton’s upcoming Frankenweenie feature, just to name a few.

While Emmerich may never deliver epic sci-fi on the level of ID4 again, it could be interesting to see what he brings with the long story arc you can create with television, another reason many in Hollywood are creating for the small screen. 

Can Emmerich deliver a show that can stand toe to toe with the best we’ve seen in TV science fiction? Stay tuned for further developments…