Hunger Games ready for a huge opening weekend

The Hunger Games is quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the year right behind The Dark Knight Rises, and tracking on the film (which is Hollywood shorthand for awareness and interest) is huge. 

There’s also now reports that the film, which will definitely make a big pile of moolah, could be on track for a hundred million dollar opening weekend.

According to the L.A. Times, tracking has indeed put Hunger Games at having an opening somewhere between $70 to $90 million, but there’s also speculation it could hit $100 million or more.

As Ben Fritz reports, the ad campaign for Hunger Games still isn’t in full swing, but once it is, and raises awareness even more for the film, it could actually go over $100 million opening weekend.


The film is tracking highest with females under twenty five, big surprise there because it’s going for Twilight’s audience. In fact, in reports on The Hunger Games anticipation, Twilight again keeps coming up as a reference point.

Case in point, the subheading in The Hollywood Reporter story on this says, “Liongate’s film adaptation of the  best-selling young adult novel should have no trouble at least matching the $70 million debut of the first ‘Twilight.'”

Entertainment Weekly also tells us, “The Hunger Games Tracking at Twilight Size Numbers.”


Indeed, after girls under 25, the next demographics most interested in seeing the film are older women, young males, and older males, in that order. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the three Hunger Games books are also currently in the Top Three slots on the New York Times Best Seller lists, and with the film, sales for the books should go through the roof.