Sony Pictures to adapt Bloodshot

Sony Pictures is moving ahead with plans to adapt the Valiant comics line Bloodshotinto a feature film.

The news comes just ahead of the relaunch of the old title as part of Valiant’s attempt to resurrect its super hero lines.

As you may recall, Bloodshot was once the epicenter of the Valiant comics world, as it was considered their most important title and bestselling line.

In Bloodshot, a man is kidnapped from his witness protection program by a clandestine agency. His memory and identity are wiped with the use of nanites, which remain in his body, giving him strength and healing powers.

The organization intends to use the protagonist as an anonymous weapon, but he escapes, setting out on his own with no identity, hunting down the secrets of his past, and unraveling the mystery of his transformation.

The rumor is that Michael Vaughn will direct, but this has not yet been confirmed. Neal Moritz is producing for Fox, alongside a team from Valiant. Jeff Wadlow is penning the screenplay. 

Valiant is in the midst of relaunching several properties after over 15 years of legal battles and a change of ownership. The first of these relaunches arrives in May 2012 with the new Manowar X-O #1, which will be slowly followed by much of the rest of the Valiant universe, which once centered on creating super heroes considered as ‘real’ as possible. Meaning, the characters tended to rely on science and technology, rather than magic or unexplained future tech.

Bloodshot is in early development, and thus has no announced production or release dates.