Guitar Hero Planning a Comeback

We at TG remember the whole Guitar Hero phenomenon when it exploded, and we always thought it was a great idea for a game. It helped save what was left of the music business for a brief period, and it inspired a lot of kids to actually play instruments. It also made a reported three billion dollars in a five year period.

Then it seemed the whole thing collapsed practically overnight, which isn’t a surprise because the video game market is very up and down like this. Now Guitar Hero is trying for a comeback this fall, and while we don’t think it will equal the original phenomenon in its time, we’re definitely curious to see how it’s going to do later in the year.

As Variety reports, music related video games were all over the E3 convention this week, As a source told the industry trade, “The older consoles weren’t powerful enough. The new engine we’ve made for this generation will offer new functionality and allow personal expression.”

Guitar Hero will also have a new guitar controller. “It doesn’t look like a toy anymore,” a source told Variety. “We want a really robust product that’s not going to break. It looks like an aspirational piece of equipment.”

Entertainment Weekly tells us that Guitar Hero Live is launching on October 20.