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First Inductees Are In For the Video Game Hall of Fame

Pac Man just turned thirty-five, yet another anniversary that makes us feel older, and now we have a video game hall of fame. We’re a bit surprised something like this hasn’t come along before, but it’s certainly long overdue.

As Yahoo Tech tells us, Pong and Tetris are two of the games that made the grade, along with Doom, Super Mario Bros, Pac Man, and World of Warcraft.

Clearly these games cover the gamut of gaming history, and for the first hall of fame induction, Pong would have to be included, especially considering it was the first video game that had major impact back in the ‘70’s, while Pac Man was the symbol for gaming in the eighties.

These games are being inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and as an exec for the Hall said, “Electronic game play is increasingly influential and important. It’s changing how we play, how we learn and how we connect with each other across boundaries of geography and culture.” Indeed, and here’s to more hall of fame inductions to come.