Grand Theft Auto Movie Has Its Villain

With the success of the latest Fast and Furious flick, you’d figure it would only be natural to make a Grand Theft Auto film or cable series, but what’s currently in the works for cable is a much different video game story.

As we reported previously on TG, the BBC is making a cable film about the controversies of Grand Theft Auto and how attorney Jack Thompson tried to stop the game. Daniel Radcliffe will be playing Sam Houser, the mastermind behind GTA, and Bill Paxton will play Thompson.

As Uproxx reports, Paxton is “especially good at playing smug jerks, and Jack Thompson might be the God of Smug Jerks.” And because Paxton is playing the role, the headline on many geek sites was too strong to resist: “Game over man!” (Uproxx even mentioned this could be a great line for Radcliffe when he defeats Thompson in court.)

We at TG think this could make a great movie, and the whole scenario reminds us a bit of when the PMRC went after heavy metal and MTV in the mid eighties. It’s a different kind of game movie, and we hope it can open the door for better video game movies in the future.