PlayStation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

We’re close to the holiday buying season, and we’re sure there’s going to be tons of video games and hardware flying out the door at department stores and game shops everywhere. And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, which was first released two decades ago today on December 3, Sony will be releasing a special limited edition for gamers to enjoy.

According to Kotaku, there will be 12,300 anniversary PlayStations worldwide you can get for $499, and Kotaku calls it “a thing of beauty.” You can preorder this PlayStation on December 6 through

As many gamers will note, this anniversary edition is in the original grey color, and a blog on tells us, “Many outsiders thought that Sony was slightly crazy to launch the original PlayStation into an incredibly competitive gaming market…The mid ‘90s were an exciting time for game developers, driven by the explosion of powerful but affordable 3D graphics rendering hardware and the birth of many young and adventurous development studios…The original PlayStation was meant to embody that sense of adventure and discovery, that sense that anything was possible.”

In celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, the Guardian mentioned the incredible fact that the console sold fifty million units four years after hitting the market, and went up to one hundred million ten years later, which made it one of the first consoles to hit that mark. Then when PlayStation 2 came out in 2000, it hit a hundred million units sold within five years.