Game Of Thrones Game Reviews Are In

We just reported the news that a Game of Throne video game has been in the works under the radar for some time now, and now the first reviews for the game, which is called Game of Thrones – Iron From Ice, are out.

The New York Times tells us this will be a six-episode series, and that “the designers at Telltale Games have gotten the interactive elements right.” Telltale also gave us The Walking Dead game, which the NYT calls the company’s masterpiece, and with this Thrones Game, “The perspectives and the politicking help to make the game’s conversations feel more like strategy and less like self-expression…

“Game of Thrones isn’t a shooter…Here the intensity and pressure occur not during firefights but during conversations. And your words matter, because, as everyone knows, in Game of Thrones, everyone is at risk of death, all the time.” has called the game “bloody, smart and addictive…another top-notch effort from an independent game developer that continues to prove their ingenious engine and it’s beautifully simplistic approach works wonderfully in yet another setting.”

Lastly, Nerd Reactor gave it a five star review (or five Atoms, which is the site’s rating system), and noted, “Great writing, good acting and tough decisions are all key elements that make this game great. Telltale’s Game of Thrones is a game that no fan should miss.”