Super Mario Creator Now Making Movies

Nintendo’s been having quite a comeback these days. The company scored its first profit in four years, and now the creator of Super Mario Brothers has made a movie.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Shigeru Miyamoto, who also created The Legend of Zelda and Wii Sports, has made three shorts that are in 3-D, called Pikmin Short Movies. As Miyamoto told the Reporter, he wasn’t happy with how the Nintendo characters have been adapted into movies and TV, and after the Super Mario Bros movie, who can blame him.

“The characters from Nintendo are recognizable by everyone,” Miyamoto said. “And I like the idea of being involved in how they are portrayed.”

Early reports claim that Miyamoto’s shorts have “all the cheer and buoyancy of a vintage Miyamoto game,” which means they should be a hell of a lot of fun. Supposedly he’s got a stockpile of other short films, and while there’s no distribution plans as of yet, or at least as far as The Reporter knows, maybe they could make a cool extra on an upcoming game. Considering Nintendo are the comeback kids of the moment, maybe these shorts could be a big hit with gamers once a distribution plan is in place.