Lay Offs Hit Xbox

It’s terrible when anyone loses a job, whether you’re working retail, or working for a big corporate entity like Xbox. Now reports have hit that the company will be laying people off from Xbox Studios, which will soon be closing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the immediate result will be the loss of 2,100 jobs, and 18,000 positions will be lost by next year. Xbox Entertainment Studios, which will leave the long awaited series version of Halo in limbo. The company had to sell off a series, Humans, to AMC, and there are others looking into buying the Xbox studio, including Warner Brothers.

Xbox Studios was created in 2012 in the hopes that it would give Hollywood a run for the money, especially with so many consumers eschewing TV, and getting entertainment directly off their computers, iPhones, game consoles, etc. A Halo series, with involvement from Steven Spielberg, has been in the works for quite some time, and Humans was the first series greenlit by the company.