Batman vs Superman production wrapped up and someone killed Doomsday

Celebrating the end of production on the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie, Sean Ray, a 3D artist working on the special effects, took to Instagram and after being asked if he had created the model for Doomsday he replied

“Hahaha lol unfortunately he’s not in the film, maybe in the man of steel squel or justice league film who knows”


The fan community was convinced that Doomsday is the villain, with the storyline and fight scenes already worked out. Now everybody is desperately looking for a new villain. With online, accepting registrations for the upcoming Lex/ OS, and a scene in the trailer showing the body of General Zod (Michael Shannon), the best theory I have heard is the involvement of OMAC.

In the comic world OMACs (Omni Mind And Community) are cyborgs, created using Brainiac’s nanotechnology, designed to assassinate superheroes. Some suggest that  Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) will use Zod’s DNA and stolen Kryptonian technology to create something similar. It might even be Brainiac himself who was hidden in one of the spaceship’s computers and will use Zod’s body for his resurrection.

The latest leak has shown that nothing is for sure, we all believed that Doomsday is definitely the one who has to be beaten but we were proven wrong (maybe). The Lexcorp website campaign will definitely give fans enough sugar until the movie is released in March next year. Until then we can enjoy the creativity and fantasy of fans all over the world, there are no limits.