The Last Starfighter Reboot May Happen on TV

There’s many movies that deserve to be rediscovered. There’s a lot of geek nostalgia today for The Last Starfighter, which of course makes it ripe for a reboot attempt. (There was even talk of a comedic remake with Seth Rogen, which may not be a bad idea actually.)

Now Variety and Collider tells us a Starfighter reboot could be coming to TV, the twist being it may have elements of virtual reality in it. This could this first TV show that could incorporate virtual reality, which we know is pretty much around the corner with Occulus and all that.

If this show happens, it won’t be a sequel or reboot to the original, but as Variety tells us, it could be “a serialized story about alien law enforcement.” What would be a natural for this would be if you could control parts of the show with joysticks, like you’re playing a video game for real, and you’re playing games to train for battling aliens.

The Last Starfighter is a fun part of video game nostalgia today, and it was a big step forward for CGI, which was still in the development phase. If all of this could help people rediscover the original, that would be great, and the plans for this TV show are very ambitious indeed.

Could it push the boundaries of technology like the original movie? We’ll follow this as it develops, but it’s always nice to see there being an effort to bring Starfighter back and give it another chance.