Ben Affleck to Carry on the Batman Legacy Post-Batman Vs Superman

Okay, you’ve read TG long enough to know we’re not thrilled about the upcoming Batman Vs Superman this March, and we don’t think the movie’s going to turn out well, but it’s been made already, what can they do? Burn it?

So now from Comic-Con comes the news that Batfleck will be continuing the Batman movies post-Batman Vs Superman. As Deadline tells us, Affleck will be co-writing and directing the next stand alone Batman movie that will come after B V F.

Affleck will be writing the movie with Geoff Johns, who is the chief creative offier of DC Comics, and he’s also written issues of Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Justice League and more. He’s also written episodes of Smallville and The Flash, as well as the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS.

So needless to say, we’re not thrilled about this news either, and I guess right now all we can say is he probably can’t do any worse than Joel Schumacher did…