As the Hunger Games Finally Comes to An End…

So this will finally bring us the last chapter of the Hunger Games saga, and probably right on time as teen dystopia seems to be running out of steam. Of course, The Hunger Games had to make an appearance at Comic-Con this year, as it will be one of many big movies that will be promoting itself at Con.

The panel was kept pretty light, with Vanity Fair reporting that Jennifer Lawrence humorously corrected everyone that she shoots “a longbow, not a crossbow. Crossbows are easy. I didn’t spend months and months training to be called a ‘crossbower!’”

In regards to the ending of the books, and whether the movies will be faithful to them, Lawrence said, “If you love the end of the book, you’ll love the end of the movie.” Now that the movies are finally coming to an end, Lawrence also said, “I think the changes that happened in my life because of this movie are so permanent that I don’t think I’ll ever say goodbye to Katniss…something was bestowed onto Katniss and sort of the same with me being offered the role in this movie.”

Mockingjay Part Two, the last chapter in the Hunger Games saga, will be hitting theaters on November 20.