Marvel Studios Talks the Future

While it seems like superhero mania has cooled down a little bit, which we figured would happen sooner or later, there’s still Ant-Man coming this July, and a lot of further Marvel movies coming in the next five years or so.

Head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, told the Hollywood Reporter, “Ant-Man is the movie that closes out Phase Two. But the truth is there’s so much in Ant-Man that all plays into Phase Three.” Rudd has signed on for a number of Ant-Man movies, but Feige adds, “I think it’s three-plus-plus to appear in other things.” (In fact, Rudd mentioned in this story that he’s in Captain America: Civil War.)

Feige also added that Marvel won’t go to Comic-Con this year because they don’t want to “overdeliver,” and indeed, at this point you’ll want to avoid oversaturation with superheroes.

In addition, Feige hinted that by the end of the summer Black Panther should have a director, and as far as the potential for a female director on Panther and Captain Marvel, “I think it will happen sooner rather than later, without giving too much away.”