Third Star Trek Ready to Go

A lot of times when we report on movies here at TG, we’re often surprised to learn they’re actually shooting, especially with something like Star Trek 3, which has had a bumpy ride to finally getting the green light.

Collider tells us the movie “should start shooting any day now,” and Zachary Quinto instagrammed a picture of himself getting ready to play Spock. The picture shows Quinto in Spock like repose with the caption, “Someone is preparing to emerge.”

Zoe Saldana also posted several Instagram photos, including one where she’s sitting in a make-up chair with the hashtag, Trailer time #startrek.

Although there have been a lot of reports about the third Trek have director and screenplay problems, we’re not surprised to learn that the third Trek is almost ready to roll, it has a July 8, 2016 release date, so it definitely needs to start shooting soon if it’s going to make that date.

As we’ve reported previously, Paramount wants to get this movie out in theaters in time for the fifty year anniversary of Trek, and the third movie is reportedly called Star Trek Beyond.