Gawker is Willing to Pay For a Star Wars Force Awakens Script

I’ve worked for several screenwriting publications, and usually when a movie is casting, getting a copy of the script is relatively easy, unless it’s a Steven Spielberg or a George Lucas film, where security is so tight, you’d have better luck getting access to missile launch codes.

While I have made no effort to try and find a copy of the Force Awakens script, I’m sure it would be impossible to get a copy, or to even see a word of it, even if I wanted to spoil it for myself. While I certainly wouldn’t pay a dime to see the script, who knows if it’s actually legit or some schmuck is trying to rip me off, and the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Gawker has offered to pay to see the script if anyone can provide a copy.

It’s also important to remember that many in the cast probably haven’t seen a whole copy of the script, which is often how leaks are prevented. You read your part, and you’re not allowed to read the rest of it. This is what happened going back to the first Star Wars, where members of the FX crew were only allowed to read the pages they were working on. (One make-up artist who worked on the Cantina scene, figured the movie was about aliens getting drunk in a bar.)

Do we want to know if the script is any good or not? Not right now. We want to have Star Wars be as pure of an experience as possible, and if some evil geek wants to spoil anything before the movie comes out, we won’t be reading it, or repeating any of it here, in a million years. We’re dying to find out if the movie delivers or not when the time is right, and we’re willing to wait.