Game of Thrones Hits Another High

Game of Thrones had some shocking developments lately, including the death of a major character, and we’re not going to spoil them it if you haven’t seen the last episode yet, but we figure by this point it will be hard to find anyone on earth who hasn’t seen the last episode, because, big surprise, the show has hit a new ratings high.

And as Variety reports, Thrones went up against another major sporting event again, and beat it. Thrones had an average of 8.11 million viewers, 14% more than the second to last episode, and also up from last years final episode, which had 7.09 million viewers.

What’s especially cool is that a long time ago, Variety tells us Game of Thrones would have been considered a “niche” show, but not anymore. It’s always nice to see that a show can stay true to itself and still deliver great ratings.

The industry trade also tells us that the finale of Game of Thrones also made the Twittersphere explode. There’s now Twitter ratings for TV shows, and this report tells us that 436,000 tweets about the show were seen by over five million people, blwoing out the Twitter ratings for The Bachelorette.

So Thrones clearly shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s remarkable that this show will probably never be cancelled over low ratings, but it should finally leave the air when it wants to.