Tron 3 is Kaput

While neither Tron, nor Tron Legacy, was a big hit, the Tron fanbase is still pretty strong after all these years, and there were big We say that in the past tense because Diseny has just shut the project down, and some are blaming the box office failure of Tomorrowland.

A report in the Hollywood Reporter claims that the movie was never officially green-lit, even though there were reports that the movie definitely going to roll this Fall in Canada. Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were both ready to come back, but some reports are claiming that with Tomorrowland tanking at the box office, Disney decided to pull the plug on Tron 3.

It’s a bit hard to compare the two movies other than they’re in the sci-fi genre, and it would be silly to shut down Tron because it’s a sci-fi movie. After all, Star Wars is coming this Xmas, which will once again prove that sci-fi is the biggest genre there is.

It’s also hard to think that Tron could get the ax because it’s not an original idea, which Hollywood is terrified of. It’s a sequel based on a popular franchise, what’s the problem? This isn’t the first time Disney has shut down a movie over financial problems, but we’re hoping that if Pearl Harbor and The Lone Ranger were able to come back after Disney put on the breaks, we’d like to think a third Tron movie could get back on track as well.