The Crow Remake Coming Together

For some fans, including a number of TG readers we’re sure, will find The Crow too sacred to remake. The original was a wonderful adaptation that was marred by tragedy with the death of Brandon Lee, and none of the subsequent sequels could cut the mustard after that.

But a remake is indeed going forward with Jack Huston playing the lead, and Uproxx tells us that actress Andrea Riseborough from Birdman and Oblivion will be playing Top Dollar, who was the baddest villain in the Crow’s history. Originally Top Dollar was a guy, and in different incarnations of the comic he was a mob boss, and a small time dealer.

It’s not going to be easy to revive The Crow. While it will be a brand new franchise to a lot of fans, it’s going to be hard to follow up the original, especially for genre fans who still hold a special place for it in their hearts. We strongly hope the next incarnation of the Crow will do the original justice, and will also do the spirit of Brandon Lee proud as well.