George Romero’s Zombies Return With Empire of the Dead

It’s great that zombies are bigger than ever, especially if you’re a fan of George Romero, the original Godfather of the undead. The man created the modern zombie with Night of the Living Dead, making them flesh-eaters instead of sleep walkers, and his legacy continued with the original Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and more. In short, if you love zombies, you owe Romero a big debt.

Now Romero is back with a new graphic novel, Empire of the Dead, which Collider tells us will be a fifteen issue series. This graphic novel will also be adapted for television, which we all know has better storytelling these days than movies.

Romero wrote the graphic novel himself, and he’s also going to write the screenplay for the series as well. Empire will be released through Marvel, and there’s also vampires in this story as well. (You may recall Romero made a great cult horror film about a disturbed young man who’s either a vampire, or just thinks he’s one, called Martin.)

This story will also take place in New York, where Romero had never had his zombies invade before, funny enough. Wherever his zombies may roam, it’s always good to have Romero back, and we’re looking forward to seeing him teach the young ‘uns a thing or two about the undead.