Ryan Gosling Up For Blade Runner Sequel

It’s amazing to think we’ve actually got a new Star Wars movie, with Harrison Ford, coming this December, and even more surprising is there’s a Blade Runner sequel in the works that may include Ford as well. (Ford wasn’t that nuts about his Blade Runner experience, which is why we were shocked to read he may be back for more.)

Now reports tell us that Ford may be co-starring with Ryan Gosling. As we reported previously on TG, Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) will be taking over as director, and Esquire feels Gosling would be “perfect casting,” somewhat facetiously, running a number of GIFs of the actors, and asking, “Is Ryan Gosling a robot? Would he tell us if he was one?”

As The Wrap reports, there’s no word yet as to who Gosling could be playing, but Ford will indeed return as Deckard, and shooting will begin next summer. (Ridley Scott will executive produce.)

If reports are indeed true, Ford loves the new Blade Runner script, and he’s indeed very excited to be involved. Gosling is also up for a role in Guillermo Del Toro’s Haunted Mansion, so he’s clearly going to be very busy. (At one point, Gosling was also up for another epic sci-fi vision of the future, the remake of Logan’s Run.)